Last time I visited the town branch I heard many horror stories about the new intern. Turned out he was messing with the client’s personal information and was talking very unprofessional. He even asked some female clients to share their personal information so that he can deliver the items personally. He was caught because someone heard him chatting with one female customer. He thought no one was in the office and thus was continuously chatting with the customer in his way. But when a senior employer showed his presence the Intern was pretty shocked. He even tried to make some lame excuse as well to cool down the situation but finally, the game was over.

Now we deal with customers in multiple ways. Calling is one of them. Others are through apps, emails and cellphone. Now one of the important direct links where customers sometimes judge the authenticity of the business is the calling. What if your plan to get maximum customers by offering quality call service gets ruined because of an unprofessional employee and a lame attitude. Then how will you handle the situation? I was about to fire him and we had enough of the unprofessionalism in the organization in the last few months. But my close team told me to give the employee another chance. They told me to get an app named the TheOneSpy that offers remote monitoring features to its users. The use of such apps as employee monitoring is pretty common as well.  One of the features that we were in desperate need of was a call recorder. So if you are still confused that if the use of such an app is a miss or bliss then I can guarantee that it is bliss. As I have been never that stress-free before in my entire life. Handling business has been so much easy with the help of the TheOneSpy spy app. 


The call recorder feature can be used once the app is installed in the target employees’ gadgets. Now here are some important conditions that must be fulfilled before monitoring an employee for work-related purposes. 

  1. The target gadget must be company-owned. As it is neither morally right nor legally to get into the target employee gadget for work purpose monitoring. You are not allowed to install an app on your gadget. As the company reserved the right to fully cooperate with the law forces to resolve any sort of misunderstanding or conflict.
  2. You must have physical access to the target devices at the time of installation. As the TheOneSpy spy app can not be installed remotely. Once installed all the work can be monitored remotely without any worry. 
  3. At the time of the app, the installation makes sure the target gadget is not password encrypted. Thus it is better to install the app right at the start before handing the gadget over to the employee. 

Once the above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled and you have chosen a bundle to install then it is a two- three-way step. Follow the easy instructions and install the app on the target device. The call recording feature can be used

  • To keep a record of sales and purchase n any business. As most of the time, the important stuff is discussed through the calls. 
  • You can check the overall activity of individual employees as well. The app keeps a record of how an employee deal with the customers. 
  • Keep the record of important stuff and use the recordings to teach the new employee. For example, you can let them listen to any call that went wrong. Similarly sharing any call or employee to know how they handled any crucial situation more wisely can also be used to motivate the employees and encourage them
  • An employee who is familiar with the call recording feature facility can use it to make things a little easier for themselves. As they can simply listen to the recordings to extract important information. 
  • The call recorder app assures the safety of the employees. Make sure no customer dares to rudely talk with the employee in any way. 
  • Use the feature to track the important product or services that are particularly famous among customers. Thus the call recorder can play important role in the expansion of any business. 

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