What is meant by RugBy tour?

Any rugby game that involves at least one night in a hotel is termed a “rugby tour.” This may be a weekend vacation, a one-week multi-city disaster, or even a game that needs you to stay in a motel the night before due to the long and complex journey.

Sports Travel Southwest has nearly 40 years of experience in the industry and provides excellent rugby tours for women’s and social clubs, colleges, seniors, and institutions. We can organize wonderful excursions around the United Kingdom and Europe for you.

Our high-quality rugby sports trips show our genuine love for the sport; we are convinced that you will not find more knowledgeable and passionate rugby tour coordinators. We provide a wide selection of places throughout England, Wales, Ireland, and Europe, giving you the chance to explore something different on your next trip.

We have had the contacts and contacts to take you on a rugby trip to Holland, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain, in addition to its traditional UK tour destinations of London, Cardiff, as well as the West Country, as well as Ireland. These developing rugby nations would provide a distinct cultural, competitive, and cultural adventure, letting your trip stand out well beyond previous tours.

What we Provided:

  • Planning

We meticulously prepare every element of your trip down to the last detail.

  • Contacts

In the sports travel industry, I have over 30 years of contact.

  • Pricing

We value our deals fairly to help you get the most value for the money.

A tour personalized to your requirements:

On our rugby tours, we like bringing people together. Whether it’s the bus driver, the local guide, or members of rival teams, many of our customers rave about the connections they establish on tour. This, to us, is the heart of rugby: camaraderie and friendship. Play as a team & compete hard. Our rugby tours will expose you to new cultures, towns, and locations even while giving you lasting memories.

Things to know about RugBy Tours:

Rugby tours are about a lot more than just the game. Because you’ll have to get out on the field at some point. However, that is usually the most difficult part of the tour. You haven’t gotten enough rest, people are arriving at odd times, and there is less cooperation than for a home game. Irrespective of this, you expect to play. Here are our 3 different preparations suggestions:


How many instances have you sat in the dressing room to hear a little voice inquire, “Does anyone have extra (shorts, socks, boots, mouth guard…)?” We’ll bet multiple times. Everybody has done it, but it seems to happen frequently on tour. A player may have missed a bag while traveling, forgotten something at the hotel, or just failed to pack correctly. It will occur. All you can do is plan for it by carrying supplies. On a rugby tour, extra shorts, socks, and footwear are required.


The bulk of us is held together by packing tape by the middle of the season. However, for some reason, we all forget how very much we’ll need that on the road. Maybe we’re just excited about the possibility of flying.

On a rugby tour, the clubs you’ll be playing with that will almost definitely have a great group of young men. Even though you’re up against them. However, don’t anticipate them to provide everything you’ll want to get on the game. If you usually rely on your team’s physio for strapping, you simply wouldn’t be able to do so on a rugby trip. Take your own strapping tape and be ready to share it when you’re done since the “depositors” will surround you for it.


If you utilize vitamins to aid recovery after rugby games, such as post-rugby, it’s essential that you take them on tour. They can’t, nevertheless, be the bulky items you keep on your countertop. Nothing is more entertaining than watching a tight head propeller try to pass through security at the airport while holding five lbs. of whey protein. You should bring a few supplements that you’ve used before and know would assist you to play much better and recover quicker during the play.


The following two items aren’t strictly speaking “items” you should take on a rugby tour. Nevertheless, these are strategies that we highly urge you to employ. We’ve all heard horror stories of missed flights and lost stuff. When it comes to tourism, it’s important to prevent as many blunders as necessary. There are two ways of achieving this. 


During traveling, things go misplaced. You didn’t protect an airline from making mistakes. Nevertheless, you can attempt to diminish the effect of misplaced luggage. If you’re traveling on a rugby tour without two bags, we consider bringing your kit bag on the plane and checking the one that doesn’t contain your footwear.


You have had to return to work on Monday, and you’d like Mrs. to give you a breather when you’re there. So, you’ve scheduled the 6 p.m. flight on Sunday afternoon, have not yet you? Error. A massive mistake. You’ve just saved $200 on a flight and lodging while also causing yourself a lot of stress.

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