In the 21st century, everything is connected and fast. You can talk to anyone living far away from you and see their pictures on social media. Social media is now an important part of our lives. We can’t spend a minute without it. If we talk about teenagers then they can’t even eat food without a post on Instagram. Instagram is the most used network among all social media apps. As many as 1 billion people use it per month. There might be not a single person not even kids you find who are not on Instagram. In this day and age parents make their cute kids’ videos and upload them on Instagram account which they have already made by their names. So when they reach a certain age they will handle it their self. But like everything it also has pros and cons. As we all know addiction to anything is harmful. Instagram’s addiction in a teenager is very common nowadays. They want to post everything they are doing every day so that they can gain more followers and become Instagram celebrities. But this thing does not end here it will lead to a whole new this race, they don’t know and do not even think that they will lose a lot of precious things it’s not worth it.


As parents of this social media generation, I know it’s very difficult to protect our kids from bullying on social sites. Modern technologies help us parents but they also create a lot of new problems. In the time of these social apps like Instagram teens usually use and give a lot of time to these apps. Sometimes teenagers and even adults take the wrong path just to be famous in a short time, which will lead to horrible ends. When they realize that it’s not the right path it will be too late. Also when they see nothing and think they can’t make it right then they took horrible steps like suicide.

But these modern problems have a modern solution. Spy apps nowadays are very common you can find a lot in the market but the real question is how to find the best one. Instagram monitoring is theonly practical solution to keep you in the loop of the digital world. Mspy and NEXspy are on the top three but number one is the OgyMogy app. It has a lot of features:

  • You can track the screen time of your kid. OgyMogy Instagram monitoring feature lets the user know about all the Instagram activities of the target with time stamp information
  • You can see their Instagram chats. Get into their private chat box and know who approach them privately on Instagram
  • You can see the followers and followings of their Account. This is beneficial both as employee monitoring and parental control. 
  • You can block and also track the bully without their knowledge.
  • You can check their search history. Find out which Instagram celebrities are they obsessed with recently and what are their recent interests.
  • Video Calls, Messages.
  • Posts they have liked recently.
  • Also, the saved posts and archived posts.
  • Their close friend’s list.

Nowadays kids are more private they usually don’t share things with their parents. They think that if they tell them something they will not understand it. But luckily if you find out yourself then they do mind and think it’s a breach of personal space. Besides everything, if you are worried about your teens. Who they are chatting with? What are they watching all the time? I know your concern as a parent it’s a difficult job to watch them all the time and it’s not even possible. Teenagers are a techie generation. Everything is new at this age for them. Thus sometimes their curiosity and desire to fit in a specific class, the situation makes them choose terrible choices, which is leads to some terrible results.

But the OgyMogy android spy app will help you in monitoring your teen. Their online activities who they are copying and adoring nowadays, who they are following. Their social interests their likes and dislikes. It’s the permanent and smart solution to your problems. OgyMogy will solve these problems exceptional and remotely and it will also not spoil your relationship with your kids.

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By Maelyn

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