With the growth and development of science and technology, our education system has evolved a lot. Leaving behind the conventional methods of working, online teaching methods are growing at a faster rate. In this competitive e-learning field, to make one’s online course successful, educators need to produce high-quality content.

Along with researching the best platform to sell courses online, educators must do content research. One method that can make online courses more effective and successful is making videos. Better learning experience, Quality course promotion, enhanced sales, and better interactions are some of the benefits of video content. Let us discuss the types of videos that educators can make for online course success.

Types of videos for online course 

1. A teaser and introduction video

A teaser and introduction video can set a positive first impression on the audience and enrollers. A teaser is a short clip that gives customers an idea about the course services. Online educators can record a teaser and put it on their course-selling website, or other digital platforms. By watching the teaser, you can develop a curiosity and interest in the audience to know more about your course. An introduction video is a video that is shown to the students on the first day of the course. This provides students with all the course details, subjects, assessment methods, and more.

2. A course navigation video

The way you have designed your course and the website can be tricky or complex for some students. Which technical methods to apply, and to know how the course is organized, a course navigation video is very helpful for students. You can record videos showing the steps of how to access the study material and download it. Also, videos can be made on topics like how to submit the online assessments, where to get the results, how to use the course website, and more. This will help students to function well throughout the course duration. They don’t have to wait to ask the teachers to get their doubts solved. These navigation videos serve this purpose.

3. A video lecture

Another type of video that makes online courses more effective is video lectures. Video lectures are course content videos. Here the educator demonstrates a topic and records it. Teachers also use presentations and explain the same. These teaching explanations are recorded and provided to the learners.

For courses, video lectures are very important to provide students with a proper academic understanding and a self-paced learning experience. Educators along with researching the best platform for selling online courses must know the process of how to record quality video lectures for the learners. Video lectures should be short, and specific. Instead of making one lecture for the whole lesson, teachers should divide it into smaller units.

4. Promotional video

We all know that for selling online courses effectively, promotion is very important. There is a tough competition going on in the e-learning field, therefore to make your course stand out and be the most preferred one, quality promotion is necessary. Promotion in basic words means to reach out to the target audience and grab their attention to your brand or product.

Nothing can grab the customer’s attention better than a video. The audiovisual elements, a suitable theme, background or artist, educator, influencer, etc being present in the video enriches its quality. You can put up your promotional video on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

5. Student-created assessment videos

Gone are the times when the assessment was limited to pen and paper mode. Now students are no more interested in doing handwritten lengthy assignments. To make your online course more engaging for the students you can ask them to submit assessments in the form of videos. Today’s kids are highly attracted to technology, and using the same in assessments is a great idea. You can assign students some topics and ask them to submit video presentations or recorded videos on the same topic. This enhances students’ creativity and digital skills.

Conclusion For generating profits and better learning outcomes, videos for online courses are very helpful. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the types of video content. Course creators can create videos on these different topics for quality promotion, sales, teaching, and assessments.

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