An app is now an important way of connecting with consumers and audiences. With more people using their smartphones for regular words instead of PCs, having a properly designed app is necessary for any business. But, an app does not remain modern and up to date unless it follows the latest trends in app design.

Curious? Here are some of the top trends you can incorporate into your app to make it more engaging and user-friendly. You can connect to a reputed app design agency to discuss these latest trends and find a new way to incorporate these into your native app.


The apps, especially icons, have been quite minimalistic and simple in design for the past decades. But, it has become quite monotonous, and more or less, every icon appears similar in design. App design agencies are now trying to break from the monotonous feeling by adapting “neomorphism.”

This decade will see the icons and tabs becoming more vibrant and complicated with intricate details. App designers are also trying to add realism to artificial designs or animated icons. While some experts are hailing realistic images, others are rooting for 3D icons, which can be more engaging and eye-catching.

Simple yet engaging visuals

Visuals are an essential aspect of apps and app design. Apps are now more inclined towards a user-friendly design. Designers are rooting for soothing visuals, which are easier on the eyes and do not cloud your visual senses at once. People look forward to getting a comfortable viewing experience, so app designers choose simple and easier visuals.

More apps will have soothing and straightforward color schemes which offer a relaxed vibe with some simple designs. Moreover, the infographics will also become simple and more uncomplicated for the eyes. In short, minimalistic, more to say super minimalist infographics and color schemes will be in rage in this decade.

Layering and shadow depth to add some dimension

People love graphics, Moreover graphics and animations often work as an attention-grabbing element inside the apps. But, designers are breaking away from adding too much animation. Instead of the standard graphic pop-up, they use shadows and layering to add depth to the visuals.

This trend will be emerging in 2020 and will become a prominent one in 2022. More people love dark and bolder shadows, which instantly add a sense of depth and layering in contrast to the photographs and themes. Moreover, it also adds a vintage feel to the app.


The new era is all about breaking through the pandemic and the past monotony. Hence, these recent app trends will help people get a new-age experience through the apps they use regularly. Pearl Lemon Web, a notable app design agency, can help you to incorporate these latest app designing trends in your native app for enhanced user expe

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