QR Code Generator sites allow for the creation of QR codes to be used for various purposes, including tracking transactions, saving contacts, or sharing a URL.

QR code stands for Quick Response code and is mainly used in the marketing world to provide information or links quickly and easily. It’s been quite popular but hasn’t been used as much as some people think it should have been. In recent years, it has regained its popularity because of the fact that mobile phones are so popular.

QR Code Generator sites allow for the creation of QR codes to be used for various purposes, including tracking transactions, saving contacts, or sharing a URL. There are also QR code generators that allow the user to add their own custom images to the QR code as well. 

There are so many free QR code generator tools to make a QR code. You can use these tools for your business or education purposes. Also, you can print the QR code on any item and create a QR code label on your product. Moreover, you can use QR codes to generate links, add contacts, measure the traffic of your website, promote your product, and much more.

There’s more than one QR Code Generator website on the web. Here’s a list of the Top 7 QR Code Generator websites for 2022:

1. Calculatorology

Calculatorology’s QR Code Generator is a free web tool that lets you create a QR code. You can use it to create QR codes for URLs, text, SMS messages, cards (contacts), Wi-Fi access points, emails, and more. Calculator ology QR Code Generator is compatible with most devices and does not require an account. You can use it on any device – currently, all major browsers and operating systems are supported. It is the world’s most popular QR code generator, and it is also available for iPhone, iPad & Android devices!

2. Beaconstac

Beaconstac is one of the leading companies in providing QR code services. The company provides high-quality QR codes to customers from all over the world at a competitive price. Beaconstac offers a highly reliable and user-friendly QR code service. 

This makes it easier for customers to generate QR codes within minutes. Beaconstac provides a 100% free tool to create your own QR code. Businesses can also ask the company to create QR codes for their businesses. The company offers specialized services regarding QR codes. 

Beaconstac also offers a free QR code generator. The company also provides QR codes for different platforms including Android, Windows OS, iOS, and much more. This makes it easier for customers to generate QR codes that can be used on various platforms.

3. Goqr

Goqr is another amazing QR code Generator. You can use it to make your QR code either square or rectangle, the latter which is more common. It has some great features like the ability to not only generate QR codes, but also 2D barcodes and Data Matrices. They have a quick preview feature that enables you to see how the QR code will look once it’s generated before you download or share it.

4. QR code generator

This website allows you to encode all sorts of data into your QR code. This includes email, phone numbers, names, addresses, and more. It’s a really easy-to-use tool which makes it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to create a QR code.

QR Code Monkey website is a paid online service that allows you to create high-definition QR Codes for free of charge. You can download the images after you have created them. It works with any type of QR Code. There are also QR Code generators for mobile apps, websites, social media, or print media.


This website is one of the most efficient QR Code Generator websites and is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface with no shortcomings in design and has great features as well. It is paid website.

It has the following features:

  • QR Code Generator
  • URL shortener 
  • Email address generator

All of these features are embedded into one single website thus making it one of the most efficient QR Code Generator websites.

6. The QR code generator

This website provides a completely different approach to QR Code Generator websites if we compare it with the other websites we talked about.

It has a very different user interface as compared to other websites and has great features as well.

It has the following features:

  • QR Code Generator 
  • Free QR Code Generator 
  • Size of the image 
  • Number of QR Codes to generate 

All of these features make an efficient and user-friendly website and we highly recommend this to you.

7. Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce store platform that was started in 2006 and they have a fantastic QR Code Generator. You can use it to create a QR code for your website or your online store, and you have the option to choose one of their customizable designs or upload your own cover image, which makes it even more customizable.


A QR code is a matrix or two-dimensional barcode that contains data and can be read using a camera and decoded by special software or used with a smartphone. The QR code is often printed on things like posters, but scanners can also be used by anyone to read them. Many people are using QR codes to store website URLs so that they can easily connect to the Internet.

The use of a QR code generator is a good idea for people who want to create QR codes on their websites. When the user opens up a new tab and scans the QR code, they will be redirected to a site that the person who created the QR code wants them to go to.

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