Mobile App Development Process: From Idea to Complete App


Though the mobile app development process is straightforward, many first-time developers are unsure of what steps to take. The steps to developing a mobile app include strategy, design, development, and deployment – like in any other software project – but there are also iterations because mobile apps require more testing.

App development is an ever-changing process that no longer takes months. The average app can appear on the iOS or Android market in a short time. However, to stand out among the competition of new apps appearing every day is quite a challenge. Though this may seem impossible, it certainly isn’t.

Nowadays, when most online communications take place via mobile phones, perhaps the best decision you can make to promote your business is to get informed and look for a mobile app builder fully committed to creating an application tailored to your needs. There are many services that will do this for you, freeing you of the burden of learning to code.

App Development Fundamentals

The steps of app development are complex, and it is helpful to start with the basics. In general, creating a digital solution is software development, and at the end of this process, we get a fully functioning product that works on mobile devices.

Mobile products are designed for specific platforms and tailored to their unique characteristics. Mobile products also require installation on devices; websites need only be accessed by browsers running on different devices.

What to Consider Before Developing an App

You must not begin developing a mobile app without first defining specific goals for the app, determining a target audience, and establishing an app’s functional prototype. Doing so will quickly lead to you making the wrong decisions or the production process itself will fail to progress.

The idea for any digital product is influenced by the environment in which it was conceived. The very first stages of the process, however, will often be general and not fully defined. In order to clearly envision what you want your finished project to look like, you must engage in a lot of brainstorming sessions. You need answers to several key questions:

  • How will your application benefit users?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What keeps the user engaged?

App Development Process

If you go through all the preparation stages, you will be able to clearly define your mobile app’s goals and all the features you want it to have for proper optimization. It’s time to begin development, but before you do, be aware of the entire delivery pipeline that your digital solution will need to go through.

To start a conversation with a company about mobile development, submit an inquiry in which you briefly explain your product idea and your contact information. This application goes to the sales manager of the company, who goes to verify it. The manager will get to know your idea and contact you for a detailed discussion of future development.

Who Should You Hire to Handle Your App Development?

App development requires the involvement of experienced professionals, and you have several options for how to bring them on board. You can hire freelancers, contract an in-house team, or outsource skilled professionals.

Since freelancers can work from different parts of the world, you lose the opportunity to correct their work and make sure that it meets your requirements. Furthermore, nobody guarantees that freelancers will finish your project in a timely manner and at a high quality. However, you may decide to take this risk if your budget is smaller.

On the other hand, you have complete control over the mobile application development process when you and your team are in the same office. However, this option is the most costly in terms of both time and financial investments.

You can work with an outsourced company that doesn’t have to be local to you. This option is guaranteed to be competitively priced, and you get the added bonus of not needing to hire full-time employees.

What Is the Price of Creating a Mobile App?

It is crucial to consider where to base your team when creating a custom app. While in the US, developers make roughly $150/hour, Eastern European developers charge around $40-$50. The digital hub you choose will determine the cost of development.

Final Words

Although it is impossible to foresee and control every aspect of the mobile app development process, a well-organized workflow, quick responses, and detailed planning can limit the number of unexpected issues.

While creating a mobile app, you may fear that you lack the expertise to do it—but once all members of the development team understand their parts in the process and goals are being met in a timely manner, you will be assured of success.

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