CleanRobux website is one of the many websites for Roblox in-game Currency manufacturer . It provides players across the globe to produce Roblox dollars without spending even one cent.

Free money? Well, this website claims that anybody can choose any volume of Robux and receive it made by finishing some simple tasks.


The website gives an option to users to start making Roblox dollars. When a user chooses the “Try Clean Robux Now” option, the user is asked for some in-game Robux currency to get started.

This step is basically a sign of preparing for the process of producing clean money. All you have to do is to complete the tasks given by CleanRobux website. But to avoid any confusion, you can read the Clean Robux Review on the website to fully understand how to complete the first step.

The CleanRobux review says the target for the users to earn money is $100 per month. If a user earns $1000 per month, then he will receive all the money he has earned. But you are not eligible for any other bonuses at this stage.

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How to Make Clean Robux

Let’s move on to the next step.


Clean Robux is the platform for all international and local players to contribute the yearly proceeds of all Roblox’s sales and receive actual money on Clean Robux. The platform offers all the rewards for the actions and works that its members do.

For instance, If you would like to provide monetary support to players who have more achievements, spend your rewards and earn Robux, you can only do so if you’re a registered Clean Robux user. In other words, anyone who gets Clean Robux rewards from the site can also become a user of the site.

Is Clean Robux Legit? A Review of the CleanRobux Website

CleanRobux was created with the purpose of assisting the whole Roblox community.

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For the purpose of review, I tried it out with the usage of the Firefox web browser. I was done in less than three minutes!

Scam or no scam, I was curious to know the actual application. After all, it is Free.

No need to know too much about the system. All I did is visit the website. I was presented with this sequence:

  • Enter your name and email address to verify your account:
  • Enter your first clean robux:
  • Then complete your initial robux creation process:
  • Once done, your clean robux is ready for trade:
  • Voila! You have just created your first clean robux, free of charge.
  • After signing up for my free account, I received the following message:
  • You are now ready to begin.


It is quite easy to use. First of all, all you have to do is simply deposit your Robux and take care of your account by adding some money.

However, the question comes about this website , so I want to say that yes it is really free and also definitely good for free games players. It’s definitely worth to check it out.

Here is a nice little video review of the website.

Sooner or later we will get to the biggest question in the digital age:

Is Cleanrobux.Com is really a free Roblox Currency? Is it truly free?

It is well known that Roblox accepts a kind of real-world currency as payment for virtual goods.

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