Health is one of those factors of human life, which we all want to be well and good. We all want to live a healthy life, and never entertain any type of disease. But sometimes, there are some diseases, which can nudge into the body, without any knock on the door. It happens the same way with Pulmonary Embolism. 

With this disease neighboring in the body, it can cause severe damage to the lungs, and can simultaneously affect other body parts. It is a subtle condition where multiple arteries within the lung get blocked by the clotting of blood. Hence, the condition appears of Pulmonary embolism and needs to be treated as soon as possible, or it can create certain difficulties.


Time period for patients who are undergoing treatment3-4 months
Diagnosis For Critical Patients1-2 months

This disease is a severe and serious one. It requires immediate medical diagnosis and proper medication and treatment. Otherwise, it can succumb the patient to death within 1 to 3 months of the diagnosis. It is seen that more than 40 to 50 million cases of pulmonary embolism pop up across the globe. And, if the situation is not that critical, it can get resolved within several days or weeks. But if it occurs to be a critical condition, then emergency treatment is a must for the patient.

It is mostly that, this disease is caused by clotting of blood, that travels from the lower part of the body, and sometimes from our other body parts too. It can be diagnosed by testing samples in the lab or by imaging process. Most of the time it is like, blood thinners are used to resolve the thickness of the blood. By this, it can break the clotting of the blood and have a sigh of relief.

It is found in proper research that, almost every blood clot, which causes pulmonary embolism to have its root in the deep leg veins. But it is also mentioned that this disease can mainly affect and damage different parts of the lungs. Due to the restriction in the flowing of blood, the oxygen level of the patient may also get affected. The oxygen level may drop sharply and oxygen treatment is also necessary for the same reason. 

Hence, this is not a disease that one should take lightly, and proper treatment is must prescribed. If everything does not fall into the place, then it is not more than 1 to 3 weeks, when life would be at stake. 


A life-threatening disease that can slowly make the patient deceased, is pulmonary embolism. Undiagnosed and untreated pulmonary embolism patients never survive this catastrophic disease. As it affects the lungs directly, and indirectly the breathing structure of the patient comes at stake, proper treatment and care is the only way to survive this.

However, there are some precautions that one must follow once one is diagnosed with the same. They include restrictions on eating habits and eatable products. One must be seriously careful about what he or she should be eating and whatnot. Green vegetables like spinach, mustard green, green tea must be taken for good health. However, alcohol is never a good option, as it would straightly affect the blood thinners. And, cranberry juice is also something to get avoided during this period.

It is found that this pulmonary embolism typically starts with a blood clot from the leg or arm veins. But over time, this may spread its tentacles and travel all around the body, mainly heading towards the lungs. The chest pain gets initiated once; the clotting of blood reaches the lungs. And, if the patient is a little chicken-hearted one, he or she also might have a chance of cardiac arrest also.

Bad cough, blood puking out while coughing, extreme pain in the chest are all the parent causes, of the starting of a pulmonary embolism. But the medication process is not that bad either, and proper medical treatment can pull you out from this hazardous disease also. But, saying it again, the medical treatment must be proper and for the proper time being.  


With different researches all around the world, it is subtly found that around one-fourth of people who suffer from this disease have a stronger chance of succumbing to death. Around 23 percent of them, would live for mostly 3 months under-diagnosis and then may part their life from death. And, above all this 37 percent of the whole patient being diagnosed, take one year to die.

Hence, this disease which mostly affects the lungs must be treated with time on hands, otherwise, things may get more and more critical. Many clots and many breathing problems may later wrap the whole patient’s body, and no medication can help him out and it is not more than 1 month it would take to kill him. 

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