If you often go for tours or stay away from your house then having a Wi-Fi smart lock installed is important for you. These smart locks control the entry of your house and also keep you updated with who is entering and leaving your house. You can understand it from the example that you have a pet in your house and someone has to come to take care of it, then you can check when he comes and go from your house.

What’s nice about these smart locks is that you can access them on your smartphones. This means you can lock and unlock your doors with just a click on your smartphone. There are many alternative methods available for locking and unlocking your doors. These include fingerprint scan, numerical lock or even some allow you to have a traditional key as well. If you already have a deadbolt lock into your doors and wanted to replace it with a new smart lock then you can do it yourself. You can get more info about how you can do it yourself or you can call a locksmith to install a smart lock for you. 

For the security of your home and office, let’s look at some important smart locks :


August Wi-Fi smart lock gives you the ability to lock and unlock your door. You can check if the door of your home is locked or not. It looks like a solid metal circular device with no slit for the key or fingerprint scanner on it. It operates with your smartphone. Whichever device you have, either iPhone or Android smartphone this smart lock support Google, Amazon, and Siri for accepting voice commands. The installation of this smart lock is very easy and takes only a few minutes.


Yale smart lock has eliminated the need to have a metal key with you. This lock supports Google Siri or Amazon Alexa for accepting voice notes. It has various other interesting functions like if you have your smartphone with you and this lock detects your presence then it will automatically unlock for you. The full functioning of this smart lock requires a Wifi connection and your smartphone must have to be connected to the internet. 


It is a full-featured smart lock that allows controlling access to your home and office from anywhere. Both iPhone and android based smartphones can be used for having access to this smart lock. It has the facility of fingerprint scanner and numerical code that can be activated and deactivated anytime depending on one’s need. This smart lock has a Wifi hub that must be plugged into your home’s modem. You can use voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. These locks also have a slot for metal keys. 


These are among the best-known smart locks because of their functions. When you come in a range of this smart lock then the doors automatically lock and unlock. They have various other locking and unlocking facilities that can be set according to need via smartphone ( either iPhone or Android-based smartphone). They are also wireless and waterproof. 

Sifely smart Lock These smart locks are available in the market at very reasonable prices. Installation of this smart lock at home and office requires less than one hour and you can access this smart lock from anywhere with your smartphone (both iPhone and android based smartphones). Visit site for getting more information about how to install by yourself. You can check who is entering or leaving your house. You also have the facility to use a fingerprint scanner, numerical code or metal key to lock or unlock your doors.

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