Legalize Sports Betting: The US has always been known as a country where betting is prohibited in most states. However, the situation is gradually starting to change, and every year the legalization of betting covers an increasing number of states.

In this review, we will look at the history of betting legalization in the United States and find out in which states this process is expected in 2022. More about legalizing sports gambling, sports wagers, gambling problem questions, and constitutional amendment of online casinos you may read at https://superbetting.com.


Speaking about the history of betting in America, it is worth saying that earlier in the USA the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was in force, which was adopted in 1992. The purpose of this law was that any government agency was prohibited from managing, sponsoring, advertising, and promoting the licensing and authorization of gambling or betting based on sporting events.

According to this law, betting activity was allowed only within a few states – Oregon, Nevada, Montana, and Delaware.

For many years, the authorities of different states fought to repeal this law, and on May 14, 2018, the US Supreme Court finally ruled to repeal it. This decision gave rise to the formation of a legal, regulated market – gambling operators immediately began to negotiate and conclude multi-billion dollar deals with technology firms wishing to become active participants in the betting market.


Many experts believe that a new history of betting legalization began with the advent of Donald Trump. Even before the election began, he actively campaigned for the lifting of the federal ban on sports betting. It is important to note that the law was not just canceled – it was recognized as “anti-constitutional”. This decision was made because this law, according to experts, deprived the states of the right to self-determination. It is also important to emphasize that even despite the ban in the state of Nevada, betting has always remained legal during these 26 years.

Interestingly, there are many states in the United States, and each of them is a small independent state. Therefore, each state must independently decide whether to allow betting on its territory or not. More details about the history of legal betting, sports leagues, problem gambling topics, a question about land-based casinos, legalization of online bets in South Dakota, South Carolina, college sports, and daily fantasy sports you may find on https://superbetting.com/review/betpop-review.


2020 has become a turning point for the whole world, including for most bookmakers. Due to tight restrictions, many sporting events have been cancelled, so many operators have had to return bets already placed to players.


  • restriction of advertising activity. Severe time limits were imposed on advertising broadcasts on the Internet and TV, as well as a ban on individual mailings with marketing offers by mail.
  • the inability to place bets at the expense of credit funds. This rule applies specifically to the UK – bookmakers with offshore licenses must cancel bets made by users for a set of credit funds. Thus, each bookmaker must check the sources of replenishment of game deposits.
  • limitation of deposit limits. In such countries as the UK, History, Belgium, and some others, during the pandemic, they introduced restrictions on the amount of daily and monthly rates. The daily limit in many companies is 50 euros. At the same time, each operator can, at its discretion, reduce the established betting limits.
  • limitation on the time spent on the site. Many EU countries, in addition to limiting betting limits, have also introduced time limits. Sweden was the first country to apply such measures.


In 2022, 19 states are expected to legalize betting sites, statewide mobile wagering, and casino gambling. I must say that this process is quite complicated, and it may take more than one year to make bets real. However, consider those states in which this process is quite real shortly.

The state of Mississippi was among the first to launch retail rates in 2018. The state has also considered adding a mobile staking option over the past two sessions. However, this process has not been successful so far. However, work in this direction is still underway, among other things, because the state of Louisiana plans to launch mobile betting in 2022.

The legalization of betting is also being considered in the state of Alabama.


Most often, the adoption of any decisions about legal sports betting in each state occurs by voting. For example, in California, in November 2022, up to four initiatives to legalize betting can be presented on the ballot, so there is a high probability that bets in the state will become legal.

Georgia is another state that is expected to decide to legalize mobile betting in the state in 2022. This decision must be made by the voters. The state’s professional sports teams are especially supportive of this initiative.

Massachusetts is the state where the famous online gaming bookmaker DraftKings is located. That is why it seems that nothing prevents the legalization of betting in the state. However, legislators have not yet made a clear decision.

Despite this, proximity to states such as Connecticut, which has legalized betting, and New York, which has allowed digitalization, suggests that the legalizing sports betting process in Massachusetts will soon be completed successfully.

North Carolina – In this state, last November, a legal sports betting bill passed through the legislature. It is expected that within a short time the state will be allowed to bet in mobile and retail stores. This bill has already been approved by the Senate and is under consideration by committees of the House of Representatives.

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The repeal of the 1992 PASPA began the process of legalizing personal sports betting, mobile sports betting, state lottery, and retail sports betting, legalizing statewide mobile sports betting apps in many states of America. In addition to the states listed above, in which it will be possible to place bets in 2022, experts also name several more states in which, with a high degree of probability, the legalization process may also occur soon. These include Alabama, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Despite this, there are also states that at the moment categorically deny the possibility of legalization. For example, the governments of North Dakota and Texas are not going to legalize online sports betting. Also, in the state of Utah, it was decided from the very beginning that the legalization of rates is unlikely to ever become possible.

In general, it should be said that the process of making sports betting legal is quite laborious. It requires not only the approval of the state government but also large time and financial resources.

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