What is OGzilla? Scam or Legit?


What is OGzilla?

OGzilla is one of the popular AppStore for Android users. It is a unique AppStore that provides more than 4000 apps, games, widgets, tweaks, themes and other such add-ons. It comes with a unique user interface that makes the user experience much easier. It offers a variety of games, apps, skins, widgets, and many other mobile apps. All this can be downloaded via the app itself. However, the interesting part of OGzilla net safe app store is that it provides fake apps for free. When you download an apk from OGzilla website, you’ll get to see three buttons – ‘Free Apk’, ‘All Files’, and ‘More Info’.

The ‘Free Apk’ button gives the app for free without any download or installation process. And, the ‘All Files’ button comes with the legitimate apps you can download free of cost. But, what’s the trick? The ‘More Info’ button comes with third-party app add-ons. Some of these add-ons are normal tools such as VPN to prevent monitoring or tracking of your Internet connection. Some of the other add-ons are malicious in nature. These are apps that claim to provide access to the hidden and pirated material on the internet. These apps will try to get you to download more ‘add-ons’ and apps to gain access to restricted content.

Some Features of OGzilla Apps

The key feature of OGzilla is that all the apps and add-ons are free of cost. Most of the times, they are either poor quality or fake. They may even try to steal your credit card information or take your personal data from your phone and bank account. These gaming apps are dangerous to your mobile phone’s security. Here are some other five features that you need to know about before downloading gaming apps from OGzilla website:

1. Malware & Spyware

In some cases, there may be malicious spyware or malware that’s pre-installed on an OGzilla net safe app. After installing the app, you may notice that you have lost access to a lot of the apps that are essential to your mobile phone’s functionality. This would suggest that the app was created by someone who has gained access to your mobile phone’s security settings.

2. It’s a Trojan Horse

It has been reported that some of the downloadable games can actually disguise as popular applications on the Play store. You can find their names on Google Search. Some of them are Toro, Solitaire, Bloodspot 2, Jhoon Rhee Boxing, and Space Miner. They can all be dangerous to your phone’s security. They might be loaded with viruses, malware, Trojans, and other malicious software.

3. Apps with Malware and Malware-like features

OGzillastores apps that are different from those found in the Play store. Usually, the available apps are poor-quality ones with malware-like and malicious features. These apps are usually bundled with a couple of low-quality add-ons. When you download the app, you’ll see multiple advertisements ads on the home screen and in-app. This is used by the developers as a cash-generating machine. They are earning money by showing ads and serving ads in the app.

4. Press to Unlock

This is a major security issue on OGzilla website. The app stores’ its own codes that unlock or ‘force-unlock’ all the ‘secure’ apps in your smartphone. This app will take the default Android to unlock code, but will also change it to its own code. It will keep the code safe so that hackers or other miscreants cannot unlock the code and break into your phone. However, the codes in OGzilla may not work perfectly and be prone to mistakes.

5. They Don’t Keep the Upgrade Option

This might be a pain for you. After installing an app from OGzilla website, you might notice that the app is no longer available in the Play Store. You need to download a new version from the website and install it on your device. One of the ways to uninstall OGzilla is to go to Google Play and delete it from the list of apps. After that, you’ll be able to install any apps or games that you want without worrying about the security of your phone.

How does Ogzilla.net Work?

After visiting, Ogzilla.net site, it will try to redirect your browser to cswsaa.com and smallboi.app. In the search engine for iPhone or Android, you will see different searches such as ‘iPhone X,’ or ‘Android Oreo.’ Now you know that the site can send you to any of these devices instead of the actual app download or the links. After you find the app or game you want to download, you will be directed to download it. The official links for the apps or games will be provided in the comments, in case you did not download the app or game. If you did not see it in the comments, do not be worried.

If you did not see the app or game that you downloaded in the comments, the link for that app or game will be on the home page of the ogzilla website. The link for the app or game might not be there if it was not available in the store. However, the smallboi.app site itself will show you if the app or game was available or not, provided the link for that app or game is available on the site. So, as long as the link for the app or game is not an outright scam, it will be there on the site. It is recommended that you download the app from a reputable website.

Moreover, it’s a general website, which has several sub-domains which are hosted on different servers. You need to register and create an account on the ogzilla website. This will enable you to download the games and other premium apps or add-ons from the store. When you visit the website, you’ll see a page that displays the apps that you can download. You can download them for free, or pay them using your PayPal account or any other visa card.

Is It Scam or Legit?

The website of ogzilla looks legit, but there’s no guarantee that the app or game is legitimate. You should, therefore, be careful before you download an app or game from the site. If the app is from a legitimate source, you can check the app description or the screenshots, to be sure it is real. The screenshots on the website show that the App is free to download.

However, when you tap on the link to download the app, you get a warning, which says “Ogzilla does not guarantee the availability of this application” or “App might be no longer available”, then a few dollars warning message appears. The warning message means that you might have downloaded an app that is fake or an imposter. Also, because the website is not hosting any legitimate games and apps, the app or game that you download might not be that great.

Other security precautions to be taken include:

  • Be careful when downloading free apps. Always make sure that the site is official and authentic.
  • Always be extra careful with the URLs that you use to search for apps. They should be well-researched and look unique.
  • Always be extra careful when searching for apps on the web. Many scam websites exist and might lead you to the wrong place.
  • Apart from this, you should also be extra careful when entering your username and password on any kind of website.

It is important that we stay informed and aware of scams and fraudulent websites which offer us free apps and games. As many legitimate websites exist, it is important that we go to reputable ones. Safety is always an issue when you are trying to download an app or game from an unknown ogzilla website. As always, if you want to know more, don’t forget to check out our app directory for all the apps available in the Google Play Store.

Final Frame:

The internet is becoming a very safe and secure place. But there are still people who want to be malicious, because of the money they get by selling malware-like and virus-like viruses and spyware. You must take precautions while downloading apps on the internet. Don’t download apps without checking the reviews of the users. This is your safety. Ogzilla is a big threat to internet safety. It is a portal and website, which can be considered malware. It has, among many other things. But the question is “Is your smartphone security safe?”

As you can see, using an infected ogzilla website can result in severe consequences such as losing data. Knowing this, it is best to always check the reviews and comments of the users of the site before downloading any app. There are many reviews and comments that show that the OGzilla is a scam. And if you are worried about whether an app is safe, or has malware, it is best to avoid downloading from the site altogether. You can use other popular resources like the App Store, or download security software, which are commonly recommended by tech experts.

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