What does Out for Delivery Mean?


Have you ever ordered a product online and while being curious about knowing when you are going to receive it? It is fairly common, and it happens. You can track your project in a few days, contrary to the popular belief. We all have essentially experienced this situation, which is quite significant. What happens is actually you order something online, and within a few hours, you receive a message saying that your purchase is “ready to be delivered.” or out for delivery. We feel glad and satisfied going “Wow, this is super-quick and efficient”, and then we pass through the waiting zone. Because, of course, the parcel will take a few weeks to arrive.

What happens when we place an order?

However, first, we should specifically look at and understand what we want it to mean when we hear that something is “delivered”. As matter of fact, we want something that we order to be delivered as soon as possible. We like to consider the ‘out for delivery meaning’ to be a fast response. All of us have to admit that while placing an order for our favorite food, clothing, or accessories, we love to imagine that the stuff has been placed in the delivery van and is about to reach our place. What will happen next? Our dream consists of a delivery man carrying a parcel in his hands knocking on our entry door and ringing the bell. We become super-excited to feel the rejoice and can not wait for the package to arrive.

Out For Delivery Meaning

What does out for delivery mean? As long as the firm or company informs you that your item is out for delivery, you rest assured that your lovely delight is all set to hit your doorstep. A relevant term you might or might be well-versed in – USPS which is an abbreviated form of United States Postal Services. USPS out for delivery can subtly be an indicator of many things.

It might show that the product you ordered has arrived at the center nearest to your residence or mailing address. The delivery person can particularly deliver it today or the day after the “out for delivery” message. In eCommerce terms, this phrase means that your package has left the delivery partner’s nearest delivery center for the destination address. You can witness the status of your order on the day of delivery. When you essentially see this status, you can expect the item to be delivered on the same day. In some companies, this phrase means that the package has reached the nearest delivery person. On the same day, you may receive a message saying that the item is “ready to be delivered.” But this does not necessarily mean that you will receive the item on the same day. In most cases, the distributor will deliver the goods for you the next day.

For some companies, “cannot be delivered today” means that your package has been scheduled to be delivered today from the courier office closest to your home or postal address. In rare cases, the delivery personnel is overworked, and the goods are delivered the next day.

If you see the label out for delivery or “UPS shipping today“, it means ups out for delivery. In such a case, you can wait for a few more days. When your item arrives, you will hear a message from the delivery person, or they will give you the address of the nearest distribution center from where you can pick your parcel.

We often believe it only takes one trip for a van to reach your place with a delivery boy that rings your bell and you can enjoy whatever you generally ask for. However, this is not the case. The process is not that smooth and simple. It has got technicalities, a definite set of rules for the buyer, dispatcher, and seller. “Out for Delivery” simply means that the goods have left the factory. It is the first step in the delivery process. It generally has been processed, for all intents and purposes run through the system, and packaged safely.

The parcel can be at a postal sorting center, or even on a ship or plane in a subtle way. So when you hear the phrase “delivery”, don’t get too excited. After initiation of the process, many steps take place, before a parcel finally arrives in your hands.

Some retailers set up display-only stores, where consumers can get information about the products or try them on in the trial room. There is no buying or selling in the store. Purchases sales specifically are made over the Internet, mainly through consumers’ smartphones. This approach is called “offline to online” or O2O. In Europe, four out of ten EU consumers (43%) bought goods and services via the Internet in 2011.

What is the Delivery Process?

The delivery process for the most part is often more complicated than you might think. Unless it is a small local business, the object most likely will not be delivered to your home from the manufacturing location easily. Please note that the explanations to be given are for foreign-made products, so you only need to eliminate irrelevant steps to understand products made and delivered in the same country.

The postal deposit will be taken to the correct port, contrary to the popular belief. The port can be a seaport or an airport. After arriving at the port, it will be transported to the UK postal warehouse by train or ship. From here, you will be transported to a smaller, fairly more localized warehouse, where it will eventually be transported to your home by truck.

When the products you order are imported from other countries, the delivery process will be complicated and the delivery time will be longer. The success of many e-commerce businesses depends on their ability to deliver efficient and effective “last-mile delivery”. This task is quite challenging in door-to-door delivery, especially for Internet grocery stores.

To provide a high level of service and to avoid delivery failures as very much as possible, manned delivery service companies usually provide customers with delivery options’ time slots. Although home delivery is highly valued by consumers, this service has some drawbacks. Home delivery is seen as a problem by different participants; including customers, operators, and retailers. These involve:

  • Not on time, not at home, not delivering goods,
  • The shipment charges are too high and the delivery time is too long
  • Forced to wait at the house (about 50% stay at home) in a subtle way.

If things go wrong, you may not be able to get your package on time, or they may think so. It might end up as a “Failed Attempt “. That means your package is not delivered and has failed to arrive at your place because of some reasons.

For packages crossing international borders, cultural approval is one of the most important parts of the whole process. If customs clearance fails, it will extend the processing time for the delivery of all the objects. In such a case, you won’t be able to get your package on time. Often, the failure of cultural consent is due to the following reasons:

  1. The customs fee is not payable.
  2. The item is not permitted, restricted, or licensed.
  3. Incorrect information provided by the customer such as wrong address


If you miss your package, though, it’s not a big deal, and you always have other options too. You can call the courier company, and organize a redelivery date. Or else, you can go to the depot to pick it up yourself to avoid the hassle and mess. Most courier depots are only open to pick up packages at certain hours, which can be troublesome for some users. Therefore, it is usually easier to have the package redelivered and to keep an ear out for the courier driver.

But, it may happen to be close to the courier depot, and it’s easy enough to walk or drive there and pick up the package. In this way, you don’t have to wait for another day or a few extra days for the parcel to be redelivered. There can be some other unforeseen events that can postpone the delivery. There may be a big storm, a car accident, roads under construction, or an event that delays the courier driver. And they can’t get through their full run on that day.

Such situations happen and the packages are scheduled to be delivered the next day. When this happens, the courier company will generally leave notes on the web page for your delivery. They can leave a note that says something like ‘package delayed, delivery scheduled for tomorrow.’ But, it rarely happens in most cities. These were some reasons that could delay your package and stop it from being delivered on that day. Other than that, when your package is in the ‘out of delivery’ phase, it will be delivered that day or the very next day.

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