Testicle Massage


Do this every day to increase your Testosterone.
Testicle Massage
Have a little time on your hands these days?
It could be time for some testicle play.
Yes, you read it right.
Why should the girls have all the fun with their breasts?
Just as it is highly important that women massage their breasts for detoxification and healthy body relationship building, I also highly recommend that men have a wonderful relationship with their testicles.
Not only is it fun and can feel absolutely awesome it is so good for your health.
The list is long…
Massaging your testicles, or having someone else massage them on a daily basis will support healthier sperm production, Increase testosterone levels, helps you to have stronger erections ( that in itself is a winner of a reason ), and aids in lasting longer.
If you would like more information on how to last longer in bed then contact me here . As a sex coach, this is my specialty.

Massaging your balls also improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, allows you to detect abnormalities, and stretches your ball sac.
All in all loads of fun and superb reasons to play.
Massaging your own balls also supports you in communicating well with your lover on how to touch you as your sensitivity will increase.
We can put that one down to dirty talk The sack holding your testicles is loaded with nerve endings which creates incredible sensations and definitely those of pleasure.
So including this type of massage into your health care routine should not be such a chore.
Handy Hint #1
Always warm up your balls. You can do this in many ways. By rubbing your hands together creating heat then cradling your testicles, sitting in a sauna for 10 min, wrapping a warm towel around them, or as simple as taking a hot shower and having the warm water run over them constantly.
10 minutes is all you need.
As with all things that include your skin, always use natural massage oils such as coconut oil, almond, or jojoba, and lather up your sac-like there is no tomorrow.
You can use circular movements around each testicle, pulling on your sac in a downward motion and running your hand from your perineum up over your sac so your hands glide up along your shaft.
All movements such as gently pulling, carefully squeezing, downward stroking, and the dice rolling action are designed to move energy and blood.
Popular strokes also include massaging in between each testicle and milking your prostate.
To up the ante, a little in testosterone production rub testicles with an ice cube at the end.
The rise in testosterone will support increasing your bone density, muscle mass, and improve brain function.
The trick here is to be consistent.
Like any exercise, if you want to see results (or just want to keep an eye on your boys for health reasons), you’ll have to massage them a lot.
I recommend to my clients that they start with massaging every day.
Once you have testicle massage as a habit then 3 to 4 times a week is a good routine.
Involving your lover is an excellent idea and a wonderful way to get your health regime covered during foreplay.
This has the added bonus of them getting to know your testicles inside and out. Just as important as it is in getting to know her breasts.
Note that an erection is definitely not necessary for pleasurable testicle play.
For those into a little or a lot of pain in their sexual repetraur you would know the joys of all of this.
If you are an owner of testicles make sure when you request that your partner removes any rings before handling the jewels.
These can cause some havoc and unwanted pain.
And just as you would take care of your own nails in order to use your fingers to pleasure your partner ( correct..!! ) your play partner would also be well advised to take care of any overly long, sharp and or hangnails.
They just are not necessary nor desired for such play.
At the end of the day, some guys just can’t handle having their testicles played with.
To these men, I would suggest sticking to self-massage and finding that place where you can deal with touch and inquire what the avoidance is about, as the benefits are so wonderful.

Still, sounding a little un-sexy to you?

Even though the statistics are not so high sitting at about 6 in 1000 000 men, testicular cancer is a young man’s disease.
70 percent of cases occur in adult men ages form 20 to 44.
Constantly playing with your balls will keep you ahead of the game if any abnormalities occur.
But remember. Whatever you do…do not twist them. The left testicle needs to stay on the left whilst the right one needs to stay on the right.
Damage can be caused if they are twisted on the inside resulting in pinching and swelling.
There will be no doubt as you will know if this happens.
As long as you stick to the rule of not being forceful with them you have no need to be afraid to play away with your testicles.
Have fun.
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If you are wanting a deeper sexual relationship with yourself and or your partner then don’t be afraid to contact me and let´s talk about how I can support you.
Always with Pleasure. Melissa Louise

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