Seagull trashes woman’s home after she let it in to try and befriend it


Hayley Binnington, 41, had just woken up when she heard a ‘crash’ from the balcony of her Worthing, West Sussex, flat.

Binnington found on October 29 that a seagull had flown into her house, the same seagull she’s been best buds with since the summer of 2020.

Bernie the bird lives with his ‘wife Betty’ three floors below Binnington’s flat

But Binnington watched in horror as Bernie thrashed her home, ‘regurgitated crabs’ everywhere and knocked priceless ornaments.

And all because Bernie caught a whiff of Binnington’s potato wedges she cooked the night before.

While filming on her phone, she told Bernie to ‘f**k off’ repeatedly before setting her phone down to confront him.

To stop his rampage, Binnginton tried to pick up Bernie but when she posed for her phone camera while holding him he pecked her nose.

During the scuffle, Bernie broke Binnington’s veneers which she had to superglue back on.

She ended up ‘throwing him out of the window’ and was left with a nasal injury as the bird left a ‘bloody and scabby snip’ across her nose.

Binnington said: ‘I knew what [the noise] was straight away — it’s happened loads of times.

‘I just think it’s funny. I’m a pretty chilled-out person — if I was any more chilled, I’d be in a coma. I really just don’t care.

‘Because he was in my hand, I decided to give him a cuddle before I let him go, but he pecked me. I think he was annoyed because he wanted the [potato] wedges.

‘I’ve had to book a dentist appointment, but I’ve got some superglue, for now, to try and stick it back on,’ she added of her shattered veneer.

‘He really, really hurt my nose. I’ve got a cut. I’ve got to keep putting cream on and making sure it is cleaned properly.

‘He cut all the way from one side, underneath and inside the nose, as well as down the middle and on the other side. So, I’ve got this snip on my nose. It’s all scabby and bloody.

‘I’m fine though, it’ll go away.’

Binnington and Bernie have been ‘best pals’ for years and can often be seen by locals ‘holding hands’ and she even orders him breakfast.

‘I’m his friend. I think he pretends to be my friend because he wants some food — but I think he loves me really,’ she said.

‘It was during Covid years, and everyone was indoors so he became sort of like a new best friend.

‘He’s one of the only people I see really. I see him every day and I see my mum once a month.’

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