The company started with a small timepieces shop in La Chaux de Fonds’ land in Switzerland led by the founder Louis Brandt. He started his company in early 1848. He had a humble timepieces watch since he started it 30 years ago, and he sold his clocks to people not just in their country but also around the world.

The Omega watch company has many types of collections to offer each buyer who buys from their store. But one of the most influential groups they have ever made in history is their Speedmaster collection. If you never heard of this particular collection of the Omega Watch company, let us bring you into a more in-depth look with this collection to love.


The Omega Speedmaster first started in 1957; It was introduced to the world as one of those timepieces that are good for your racing and sports attire; this particular collection of the Omge watch company completed their official position as the Olympic games timekeepers. There are also explanations why they choose to call this Speedmaster.

Speedmaster was known to come from the tachymeter scale bezel of this particular collection; it also follows the convention that other Omega groups are using. The Speedmaster was also known to be a part or line with the Railmaster and Seamaster collection of the Omega watch company.

The collection Speedmaster of Omega watch company is also known to be iconic timepieces. Even Though there are many models you can find from this particular collection, Omega still offers buyers a model of this collection that looks similar to its original version. There are no other timepieces that are as excellent as the Speedmaster of Omega.


This particular model of the Speedmaster collection is the newest model you can find in this article; this model is also a limited edition Speedmaster that comes only with 2,012 pieces worldwide. It was first released in the year 2018. The inspiration for this timepiece is the Speedmaster Ultraman.

Even though you find this model as a modern Speedmaster, this model still possesses features like the Omega logo in the buckle and crown that is old in style. It also comes with the known bezel “DON.” You can find tons of components of this particular timepiece that are the same as the vintage Ultraman.


This particular model receives tons of questions about why they use the symbol snoopy. There is an explanation as to why NASA chose to include the snoopy cartoon dog on this particular model. The main reason why they included this symbol is to give awareness to the flight crews, safety, and the missions they had in early 1968.

The Speedmaster then received an award in the year 1970 named the Silver Snoopy for its essential role in the return of the Apollo 13. To ultimately remember this particular time, the Omega watch company decided to launch their very own Speedmaster snoopy in 2003. It is also limited only to 5,441 pieces


If you are ever looking for a watch from this particular collection that will fit your vintage style, the Speedmaster 145.022 is perfect for you. The price for this specific timepiece is not that high. That is why you can afford to buy this model without going bankrupt; this clock already uses the newer movement that is known to be Caliber 861.

You might find it rare, but some of the earliest models of this timepiece are known to have a logo on its dial; this is known to be the result of the Omega watch company using some of their leftover parts in the workshop. Every dial of this watch comes with a “T Swiss Made T” at the bottom.


It is probably the last of the vintage Speedmaster that comes with straight lugs. The Speedmaster 105.003 is in between the years 1963 and 1965. Some of the individual pieces of this are still delivered until 1969. The dial comes with the word “Professional.”

During the Gemini IV mission, Ed White used this particular model as part of the historical spacewalk he had. Because of Ed White, this specific model is also known as “Ed White” Speedmaster. You can find this model in rare cases with a reference of 145.003. It might confuse you in the future.


The first-ever timepiece that Omega launched in space is known to be the Omega Speedmaster CK2998. Wally Schirra brought this as his personal belongings. In early 1965, the company of NASA chose to use this particular collection of Omega as their official watch for programs in outer space.


There are many more models you can find from this particular collection. These are just some of the top watches they have in the market you can choose. But put in mind, there are more choices to browse from, so take the time to study the history and key features of the clocks you are about to purchase.

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