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Youtuber Auditing Britain’s real name is Reda Bouadi Clifton. Find more in detail about the YouTuber below.

The YouTube channel Auditing Britain has over 147k subscribers. He films strangers and asks them impromptu questions.

His main goal is to convince the world that freedom of expression is fundamental and that everyone has the right to film and record.

The rumored face reveal wasn’t done by Inspecting Britain alone. However, it appears that his face was accidentally exposed by another YouTuber as Mr. Auditing was filming his records in the streets of Britain.


According to a Facebook post, Auditing Britain’s real name is Reda Bouadi-Clifton.

On January 24, the material was shared on the Facebook group ‘Auditing Britain Is A Joke.’ There, it is stated that he is a Banbury-based minicab driver.

His name was discovered through the public domain. It also alluded to his ego, which Auditing’s admirers found repulsive.


The facial revelation was not done by Auditing Britain on his own.

However, it appears that another YouTuber mistakenly disclosed his face while Mr. Auditing was making his videos in the streets of Britain. The video was captured by the Jo King Youtube channel, and it shows his entire body structure.

The face, however, is not very clear, but it is more than enough for those who want to see the Youtuber. Even if his face was accidentally shown in the videos, he always kept it hidden.

While recording a female cop, he created a fuzzy image of his face as its reflection was visible in a car window glass.


The exact age of Auditing Britain is not disclosed yet. However, we can assume that he is in his early 30’s.

According to a video revealed he is a young man whose height is expected to be 6 feet.

The birth date and place of the YouTuber have not been made public. He likes to keep his personal life away from the media.

Auditing Britain is an active user of social media sites like Instagram. He can be found under the username @auditing_britain on the platform.

He enriches more than 22.2k followers with 193 posts at the time of writing.


The estimated net worth of Auditing Britain is around $3 million.

His primary source of income is his Youtube career. The net worth he makes fully depends on the videos and views he receives. 

On an estimated data by tvguidetime, the channel makes around $430 daily which is a great amount of money.

At a young age, his channel is slowly growing with a good amount of money returning. If he continues his channel for a long time he will make more money in the future.

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