How to maintain your cigar cooler


Five ways to keep your humidor happy

Cigar humidors are an important product for any cigar aficionado. It is a specialized container that is designed to keep cigars fresh and moist. By storing cigars in a humidor, smokers can ensure that their cigars will stay fresh for months or even years and will preserve their flavors.  Many cigars come with their boxes which can serve as humidors if used smartly. Partagas cigars, for example, one of the most popular cigars on the market, come with wooden boxes which can easily be turned into a DIY humidor. The choice is yours, whether to buy one or to make a humidor yourself.

You’ve bought your humidor. You precisely followed the seasoning instructions. You’ve filled it with your favorite cigars. perhaps you have indeed been given many cigars as gifts because your musketeers and family know how you love your electric cigar humidor.

Your humidor is set up and ready to give you your favorite cigar at a moment’s notice. But stay! Don’t suppose you’re done yet! Your electric cigars  humidor needs regular yearly conservation to maintain your cigars at optimum newness

1. Rotate your e cigars

Take time each month to rotate & turn each cigar in your store. Rotating and turning cigars will insure each cigar is unevenly exposed to the moisture within the humidor. Flashback, your cigars come from a tropical climate – a humidor is simply our attempt to make the little guys as comfortable as possible before we bomb them.

2. Add distilled water/ humidor fluid as demanded

Still, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to get them to bomb- good again If you let your cigars come too dry. It’s easier, in the long run, to keep your humidor working duly rather than playing a nonstop game of catch-up. noway add valve water to your humidor. It has contaminations that can go up to your system. Don’t overfill, don’t underfill – it needs to be just right.

3. Keep your humidor half full

If you ever demanded a reason to buy further cigars – then it is! Keeping your humidor at least half-full allows the moisture situation to regulate. This means your chance of having exorbitantly humidified or under-humidified cigars is greatly reduced. One of the hardest corridors about learning the sways and outs of a desktop humidor is getting the moisture situations to stabilize. 

4. Perform yearly tests

Suppose your humidor is your private wisdom trial – bone that produces results you can enjoy! 


The first, known as the bone bill test, will certify your humidor has a good seal. There’s no point in trying to get the moisture inside the box correct if all of your hard work is percolating out the edges. Over time, indeed a preliminarily find humidor can underpin and lose its seal. 

The alternate test will check the delicacy of your hydrometer. Like a speedometer, you need to know that the information it’s giving you is correct. We prefer digital hydrometers, but indeed they need adaptation from time to time.

How to perform the bone bill test

Take a bone bill( ok, the denotation isn’t that important. You can use a$ 5 bill too!) Lay the bill over the open edge of the open humidor, half in and half out. Close the lid. haul on the bone bill. However, you should feel considerable resistance when you pull the bill out, If your seal is solid. However, it’s time to invest in a new humidor, If the bill slides out fluently.


This is most frequently appertained to as the “ swab test ”

Take a bottle cap or veritably small dish and place 1tsp. of swab outside. Add enough water to the swab to produce a paste. also,( you don’t want the admixture to be too wet) place the swab result and your hydrometer inside a Ziploc bag. Let it sit overnight. The moisture should read 75.

still, simply acclimate the hydrometer to read 75, If your hygrometer doesn’t read 75.

5. The final step

Take a deep breath, behold your emotional cigar store, and stroke yourself on the reverse. You’ve assured me that your cigars will remain duly humidified for the coming month. 

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