Swapping through various moon lamps and finding it difficult to select one? Luckily, we are here to help.

Moon lamps come in different sizes, and patterns and vary in terms of various factors. For instance, some are levitating while others are stationary. However, it is imperative to choose the one that resonates with your expectations.

Getting a large-sized moon lamp for a small room might seem too bright. On the contrary, a smaller one would fail to offer the moon-like aura if the room is too spacious. Thus, you must consider all the factors before making the final decision.

Read the complete guide and find out which moon lamp would be the most suitable choice for your house.

The Size of the Moon Lamp

As discussed, depending on the size of your room, you can buy the moon lamp that gets you the perfect brightness. Not too bright, nor too dim.

In addition, for using the moon lamps as night bulbs, consider the ones that are tinier in size. You can get moon lamps as small as 3 inches in diameter.

However, if your goal is to brighten the living room for guests during dinner, get the larger ones. There are various companies that offer moon lamps with 6 inches diameter and even more.

Durability and Finish

Next comes the durability of the moon lamps and how perfect these feel. Are there any visible soldering lines destroying the beauty of the moon lamps?

To answer each of these questions, there is a simple explanation. Get the moon lamps created with 3D printing technology. Using this technology, the lamps are created in one go without needing to put different parts together to complete the design. 

Plus, these lamps are made of PLA, one of the most durable materials for 3D printing. Hence, offering a close replica of the actual moon as well as longer service life.

So, next time when you browse through different options, make sure to look for those lamps that flaunt 3D printing as their design technology.

Setup Options

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how the moon can change the way it lights up? While you cannot control the moon above, it is possible to enjoy steady as well as variable light patterns with moon lamps.

And it is very easy to choose between different lighting modes available such as dimming, flashes and more. Just operate the settings using the remote control.

Apart from the light patterns, these moon lamps can also change colors. While basic designs of moon lamps offer one or just a few light modes, most probably white and yellow light choices.

More advanced ones come with multiple color choices.

How Long Can the Lamp Light Up?

Depending on the battery size, a moon lamp can light up for around 18 – 19 hours after every full charge.

If the lamp comes with a 500mAh battery size, it will last for the mentioned number of hours. However, you can expect the lamp light to last half that time with a 250mAh battery.

Moon Lamp Recommendations

Now that you know the various factors to consider before choosing the best moon lamp, here are a few recommendations.

  • The Moon Lamp UK

This is one of the most popular online websites selling highly authentic moon lamps around the UK. You can pick the different sizes of the moon lamp to light up your room, depending on its size and the ambience you desire.

Being the official reseller of the moon lamp in the UK, this website offers great prices for its customers.

  •  AED Moon Lamp

Another company offering high-quality moon lamps is AED Moon Lamp. These lamps are 3D printed and come with three color settings.

The Conclusion

While it might seem simple, buying a moon lamp is no easy affair. Especially when you have so many sellers online claiming to offer the best quality products. Therefore, you must pay close attention to every factor listed above before deciding which one to buy.

Once you find the moon lamp you are looking for, do not overthink. These are very cute and soothing and can go on for years lighting up your space and life.

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