If you have stained curtains and you don’t have time to clean them yourself, consider calling a professional curtain cleaning service. They can clean and refresh your curtains without damaging them, and the cost can be minimal compared to the cost of new curtains. Professional curtain cleaning also leaves your home looking clean and pristine. If you’re wondering how much professional curtain cleaning will cost, check out these tips. You might be surprised at just how inexpensive it can be!


Curtain cleaning can be a costly process. Choosing the right service for your curtain cleaning will depend on several factors, including the type of fabric and the amount of drapes. Some companies clean drapes using a steam cleaning process, while others use dry cleaning. Some companies will clean drapes in-place, saving you the time and trouble of removing and rehanging them. Some drapes, however, require hand-washing, which will require additional labor.

The Curtain Steam Cleaning Price varies, but it typically ranges from $60 to $200 per set. The price will depend on the type of fabric and pleating, as well as the type of cleaning method used. Cotton curtains, for example, typically cost between $60 and $75 per set. Linen drapes, on the other hand, cost $75-$100 per set. Silk and polyester drapes cost between $60 and $90 per set.


Cleaning drapes and curtains at home is an effective way to get rid of surface level dirt and stains. However, certain materials may suffer from cloth shrinkage, colour fading and texture defects. This is because curtains are exposed to the environment, and pollutants can easily penetrate the fabric. Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment needed to properly clean curtains and drapes. Listed below are some methods of professional curtain cleaning. These are the most commonly used methods and have proven to be the most effective.

Steam cleaning: Steam cleaning involves the use of hot water to extract dirt and dust from curtains. This method is often used for fabrics that are delicate, or those with blockout lining. Curtain cleaners first remove dust and pre-treat any stains. Then, they place the curtains in a dry-cleaning machine. The solvent will remove dirt, while the machine will spin them to dry. This method is gentle on the fabric but can take a long time.


Using a curtain cleaning service can save you money on your home decor, as professional cleaners know how to properly clean all types of fabrics. These cleaning services can also come to your home and clean your curtains. While this can be more convenient, it can also be more expensive. You may need to be home while a curtain cleaning service works, which increases the cost. However, if you don’t mind the extra expense, you may want to consider using an on-site cleaning service.

Regardless of whether you need your curtains cleaned regularly or just once in a while, it’s important to give them a good airing before undergoing any curtain cleaning process. This will prevent odours from building up, as well as mould. On-site cleaning services may not be as intensive as off-site cleaning, but the results will still be great. Another benefit of using an on-site service is that it doesn’t require you to remove your curtains.

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