According to the district attorney, a led law enforcement task force in four locations in western Colorado, including the election clerk’s home, in an investigation into allegations that election clerk was involved in a security breach of election equipment earlier this year. I searched.

NS FBIThe Colorado District Attorney’s office and local government conducted an investigation approved by a federal court in Garfield County, adjacent to Mesa, on Tuesday, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein told Colorado politics.

Tina Peters, Said an election clerk in Mesa County, including the city of Grand Junction she The house was searched, the media reported.

“NS FBI I raided my house at 6am this morning and accused me of committing a crime. ” Peters Said. “And they raided my friend, mostly an older woman’s house. I was scared.”

Late Wednesday, Attorney General Rubinstein and Attorney General Phil Weiser issued a statement confirming the following: Peters‘The house was searched by the Legal Defense Fund and challenged the claim. Peters The authorities used excessive force during the operation.

“The power has never been used for Ms. Peters Also she House. MS. Peters Allowed to move around she Go home and fix your breakfast yourself while the agents are collecting items before they leave, “said Rubinstein and Weiser.

Peters, Republicans are being investigated by FBI According to Colorado officials allegedly breached election equipment in Mesa County in May. Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold said Peters Adjutant Belinda Nisley was banned from the November midterm elections by a judge. Peters Denied cheating.

Knisley was subsequently charged with two felony robbers and a misdemeanor of cybercrime by Rubinstein’s office. Knisley also denies cheating.

Colorado politics reported it Peters CEO of My Pillow Peters And former President Donald Trump repeatedly claimed to have lost credibility that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Peters Authorities added that they “used a battering ram” and destroyed one of the front doors. she Friend’s house.

Rubinstein did not disclose the other locations searched and emailed the Associated Press that “all documents related to these operations have been sealed by court order.” The search included “potential criminal activity by employees of the Mesa County Secretary’s Office and others associated with those employees,” Rubinstein’s office said in a statement.

NS FBI The Denver office did not immediately respond to the email requesting comment.

The search came in the ongoing controversy between PetersGriswold, who presided over the elections in the conservative Mesa County in 2020, and Griswold, who announced the presence of Democrats and voices nationwide to ensure the integrity of the elections.

Peters Without evidence, he became an advocate for those who believed the 2020 election was fraudulent-but she He said the elections in Mesa County, which voted overwhelmingly for Trump, were safe and accurate. In contrast, Democrat Joe Biden cleverly defeated Colorado’s Trump in 2020, with the Democratic Party managing the Governor’s Office, the Legislature, and all offices throughout the state.

Griswold sued for removal Peters As a county clerk and registrar after Mr. Griswold said images of Mesa County’s election equipment management software were obtained by election conspiracy theorists and posted on the rightmost blog.

According to Griswold’s office, one of the images was taken on May 23 from a safe room in Mesa County, where voting equipment was stored, and was accessed that day. Peters, A person who has allowed non-employees to enter the room.

After Griswold filed a proceeding Peters He was absent from Colorado for a few weeks and appeared only on Lindel-sponsored broadcasts. Peters Griswold’s investigation claimed to be an attempt to take over one of the few conservative counties remaining in Colorado.

Griswold’s office identified a person who said he was allowed access to a safe room, but refused to say anything more about anyone. he Or why he was there. Associated Press has no name he Until more information is available. he Not charged with crime.

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