4 Things You Must Do Before Putting Your House On The Market


Selling a home in this red-hot property market may seem like a straightforward job. After all, there are a ton of people standing by to buy. 

But it’s not always that simple. Closing a house sale fast takes a lot of effort on your part. There is no need to worry, though. 

You can do some things to make the house all the more attractive to potential buyers. 

  • Get the Right Valuation 

Homebuyers these days are very savvy and get advice from real estate professionals all the time. As a result, they will know the true value of a home before they try to buy it. 

So, it is incredibly important to get the value right. After all, if you price it too high, you would turn away many buyers who could get a better deal elsewhere. 

But you don’t want the value to be too low either. If you are not sure how much your home is worth, consult a real estate agent for advice.

  • Prepare a Yard Sale 

You have to get rid of clutter before putting up a house for sale. Clutter often makes spaces look smaller and less organized. It’s the one thing that can easily put off a lot of buyers out there. 

So, holding a yard sale and getting rid of all that stuff can help you clear the property for sale while making some money on the side. 

  • Clean the House

You need to make sure the house is clean before putting it up for sale. And we are not talking about dusting off the floors and furniture. 

Deep cleaning that leaves home spotless and smelling good is necessary to sell. Also, consider staging as part of your strategy. Staging allows would-be buyers to view the home as if they were living there. 

This can create a very good impression on the buyer. Nonetheless, make sure you get a house staging expert to do this right.

  • Don’t Ignore Curb Appeal 

First impressions are always very important. Many buyers decide whether to buy a house based on how they see it from the outside. 

Besides, for anyone to come in and view the house, they will need to be attracted by the exterior in the first place. 

This is where the idea of curb appeal truly shines. It makes the house more attractive from the outside. The good news is that you don’t need to invest so much to get the right curb appeal. 

As the experts from Favor Home Solutions will tell you, something as simple as repainting exterior walls should work.


The idea of selling your house without a real estate agent in Chattanooga can be scary at first. 

But if you get the simple things right, you will have an easier time than most. The simple tips above should help you out with this.

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