xPunks Blast Off On The XRP Ledger


New York, New York – November 17th, 2021 – A group of friends from the Netherlands started one of the fastest-growing internet companies, achieving record growth, and it happened in only four weeks. The Xpunks NFT, went from a tweet to a 100 million dollar market cap within 4 weeks.

The exclusive collection of digital artwork touts itself as being more than just a jpeg, but an inclusive community with high aspirations for growth and collaboration with some of the largest companies in the world.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a digital asset stored on a blockchain digital ledger, technology which are associated with cryptocurrencies.

Xpunks Team Members (project grew to $20,000 USD within 4 weeks of launch)

Xpunks have managed to differentiate themselves In A Sea Of New NFT Projects. The artwork immediately reached virality with Influencers jumping onboard changing their profile picture to custom made Xpunks which greatly extended the reach of the project.

Xpunks was different from the very beginning because it was the first to announce plans to mint on the XRPL which is the ledger of the XRP currency. This immediately gained the project notoriety since XRP has such a cult following self-anointed as the XRParmy.

The founders of the projects went on to reveal their true identity and have quickly become a resource for more crypto and NFT enthusiasts to learn more about the industry which can at times be difficult to unpack.

Since XRP hasn’t officially rolled out their NFT utility yet, the project is yet to mint their NFT’s; instead, they have issued an IOU token which will be exchanged for an XPUNK NFT once XRP upgrades their ledger to accept NFTs.

Xpunks plans to utilize the XRP Ledgers utility which many believe to be more efficient and cost-effective than Ethereum, which is home to the majority of current NFT projects. Ripple has announced the XRP blockchain will allow users to build a secure public community for a wide variety of digital files, including artwork, with purchases made using the XRP cryptocurrency.

Since the Xpunks lead the way as the first of its kind on XRPL, many other projects have started. The Xpunks community has chosen to lead with collaboration instead of competition, helping other projects to grow and warning community members of potential scams.

Sadly the NFT community has at times fallen victim to bad actors which promise an NFT mint and then run away with the money. The Xpunks have taken a stand against such behavior and believe that the true sharing of artwork and future use cases in gaming and metaverse style interaction is the future.

The Xpunks have hundreds of traits similar to Cryptopunks including some extremely rare and desirable traits.

The fast growth of the Xpunks and time between launch and mint has allowed the team to focus on community growth, their roadmap, giving back to the group and XRP community showing up on shows like the Bearable Bull, a well-known influencer within the community.

These AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions and openness to feedback and transparency have allowed the project to grow exponentially as they work toward their lofty goals by providing and receiving ongoing input and feedback.

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