Leonid Greyser is one of Russia’s vicious assassins whose trial drama has recently made headlines. Learn more about him by reading on!

Leonid Greyser is a convicted felon from Russia. He was arrested again in 2019 for the murder of his sister after ‘Satan’ demanded it.

The Russian authorities are currently keeping a close eye on the Satanists. Meanwhile, a video showing him attempting to flee the courtroom went viral on social media in 2019.

With that, Greyser’s misbehavior has resurfaced on the internet, and he has once again been the target of hatred.


For the murder of Ariada Korol, Leonid Greyser has yet to be released. As a result, the killer of Ariada Korol is still in prison, serving his sentence.

In 2020, the Shcherbinsky District Court in Moscow sentenced him to mandatory psychiatric medical treatment.

His punishment is reviewed every six months during his medical examination. However, according to Lad Bible, Russian legislation forbids the public from learning more about his decision.

The event occurred in 2019 when the brother-sister duo’s neighbors heard a woman screaming.

Greyser had already stripped and drew satanic symbols with blood over his sister’s body and his head when the cops arrived. He was performing a rite in which he asked Satan to leave his body.

Greyser has exhibited no remorse for his conduct, even attempting to claim a ceiling during his court appearance. The video of him trying to flee has gone viral online, particularly on TikTok.


Grazer Russian Killer is another alias for Leonid Greyser.

He has claimed to be connected to Satan or Lucifer, despite his unique shaven head and pale skin color.

Greyser is not a figure of fondness, having murdered his sister, Ariada Korol, with whom he shared an apartment. However, he has exhibited no remorse for his past misdeeds and now works as a bartender.

Rusya’da kardeşini öldürme suçlamasıyla hakim karşısına çıkan 18 yaşındaki Leonid Greyser ilginç bir kaçma girişiminde bulundu. Cam kafesin içinde tavana ulaşan Greyser tavanı kırarak kaçmaya çalıştı. Zanlının kaçması engellendi.

— Vaziyet (@vaziyetcomtr) December 12, 2019

Apart from that, there are little data concerning his personal life available at this time.

Greyser was merely an 18-year-old adolescent who murdered his sister under Satan’s commands. Nevertheless, his newfound celebrity has brought him international attention and a barrage of hate mail.


Leonid Greyser is a Russian criminal who has been sentenced to prison. He was detained in 2019 for assassinating his sister after ‘Satan’ demanded it. The Russian police are currently keeping a close eye on the Satan admirer.

In the meantime, a 2019 video showing him attempting to flee the court has become a viral phenomenon across multiple online media platforms.

With that, Greyser’s terrible behavior has resurfaced on the internet, for which he has become a target of scorn.

Jovem tenta fugir da prisão após ser pego por ficar nu e atacar sua irmã, a esfaqueando até a morte. Ele ainda desenhou diversos símbolos com sangue no cadáver dela, porque ‘’Satanás pediu’’.

— Crimes Reais (@CrimesReais) July 5, 2021

Leonid Greyser is also known under the alias Grazer Russian Killer. He has admitted to associating with Satan or Lucifer, despite his odd appearance of a shaven head and pale skin composition.

Greyser isn’t a figure of friendship, having murdered his sister, Ariada Korol, with whom he shared a condo. He has exhibited no remorse for his previous actions and is now working behind the bar.

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