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A metal photo is a sophisticated wall decor that combines aluminum sheets and a black polyethylene core. Metal photo printing creates frameless, lightweight, and waterproof creations that look suspended when hung. Metal prints are the modern way to display photos in HD quality with head-turning colors. Metal prints are hard to show on a computer screen. This is a new realm of custom wall art. It is your invitation to modern, stylish decor that will rock your world. It is an art trend that is gaining popularity all over the world, creating art that stands the test of time.

Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints

The canvas print is what got our started. However, both types of custom prints can be used for different purposes and lend themselves well to unique styles of decor and photos.

Custom Metal prints are an excellent choice.  Metal Photo Prints are durable and can withstand harsh climates. They make outdoor displays of photos easy. Aluminum prints are more flexible than canvas when it comes to lighting. These prints do not depend on lighting to look great. Instead, they respond to the light conditions in a particular place or time and present a balance of contrast, reflection, shadow, and lighting.

Five Reasons to Choose Metal Prints

  1. Durable and Scratch-resistant Metal

Metal prints are stronger than canvas and paper prints. The HD aluminum’s exterior coating will protect the dyes that are being transferred during the process. The product will be stronger and last longer once it is finished. The printed graphics are also scratch-resistant so they will not peel off.

  1. Modern Looking Metal Prints

You can put HD metal prints onto aluminum in standard frames. This means that they can be placed in standard frames and will blend well with any other art on your walls. You could also choose to go with a more modern look by suspending them using floating wall hooks.

  1. Fulfilling Your Desirable Photo

It is incredibly satisfying to see your carefully crafted image printed on beautiful paper. It is a tangible manifestation of your creativity.

Once you have a great print, it is addictive and so much fun. Prints can be given to family members, sold to clients, and used to decorate walls. Vancouver metal photo prints are a great option for creating amazing photos. It will make your experience even better.

  1. Lightweight Metal Prints

When hanging artwork, one of the main concerns Canadians have been its weight. They worry that heavy artworks will not be supported by the wall. Some people choose to not hang their favorite artworks on the walls.

Metal prints are made with aluminum, which is a lightweight metal. Canvas n Decor offers aluminum prints in a matte or gloss finish. This produces a beautiful, light photo. Metallic prints let you hang your favorite artwork without worrying that it will fall or break.

  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain Metal Prints

Canadians have a lot of trouble with printed photos. There are some printed surfaces that might get wiped off during cleaning. These issues are rare for metal prints. It is easy to clean the graphics without causing damage.

Metal Prints Display Ideas

  • Pre-installed hardware makes it easy to hang your metal photo print as any other piece of art.
  • You can place one or two of them on a shelf with fairy lights or candles, along with a plant. You can choose a shelf with a neutral color, such as black, white, and wood.
  • Make a split image using two metal prints.
  • A gallery wall can be created with multiple prints telling your story.
  • Your bathroom is the perfect place to hang your metal wall art. It will not be damaged by steam.
  • Metal wall art can be made in colors that complement or contrast with your existing decor.


CanvasChamp is the best place to get your photos printed onto metal. Metallic prints can be used for any occasion, no matter what your budget. These metallic prints can be used as home decorations, office decorations, wedding decorations, and for birthday celebrations. These are the most beautiful wall art.

If you are looking for Metal prints for yourself, for your office, or for your home, you will find the best Metal prints on CanvasChamp. You can order your Metal prints from CanvasChamp easily. You can just order online or you can also call them. If you have any queries or issues, you can contact Canvas Champ anytime. They will make your order memorable with their outstanding quality and customer service.

FAQ on Metal Photo Prints

  • Why Trust CanvasChamp to Print Photos on Metal?

Ans. In the modern world, you can find a lot of companies that offer a wide range of products and services. One of them is the company known as Canvas Champ. With the intention of providing people with several products and services, this company has chosen to bring several photo products to the market. Besides, they also have an incredibly attractive design.

  • How to Make Metal Prints?

Ans. With custom metal prints, your photos will come to life. For a sleek, elegant presentation, we will fuse your image with – not on top – brilliant white gloss aluminum.

Your decor will be brightened by the vibrant colors. It will look suspended once it is hung. Choose your size: 8″x10″, 24’x36″ or 40″x40″. No matter what size you choose, your most memorable moment will shine indoors or outdoors.

  • How Do You Clean Metal Prints?

Ans. It is simple to clean metal prints. It is simple to clean metal prints. It is difficult to scratch! It is easy to clean. The most durable and easiest-to-care for works of art that I own are metal photographic prints. There’s no need to worry about your laundry getting wet. It’s easy to erase the information and it will stay forever.

  • Which Images Look Best on Metal?

Ans. Metal prints can be used for any type of image. When choosing your image to be printed on aluminum, it is important that you consider the modern and sleek look of going frameless.

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