YOB filmed a 15-hour drink and drug seller, followed by a lit flare on his ass for a walk to Wembley without a ticket.

Last night, Charlie Perry, 25, boasted of dodging chambolic security in England’s Eurofinals after dropping 20 cans of cider.

About 2,500 gate crushers caused a riot, but he said, “I’m sorry.”

One of Wembley Gate Crusher’s shameful troops last night talked about how to get in without a historic ticket Euro 2020 The final was “p *** easy”.

Bresent Charlie Perry, 25, was shot with a lit flare in her ass after drinking from 8:30 am, almost 12 hours before the match between England and Italy.

He estimates that he dropped 20 cans of strongbow and “hit a lot” of “powder” throughout Sunday, but he was allowed. Take a walk without a ticket For the showpiece final.

Wembley scene Attacked by a drunken gate crusher and refused to bid from fan seats May ruin England’s desire to host the World Cup..

However, Chelsea fan Perry, who boasted of bribeing Steward to attend, claims he “doesn’t regret anything” and is already looking forward to the next tournament. 2022 Qatar..

He moaned last night. “I was at p *** from 8:30 in the morning and had at least 20 cans of strongbow.

“It was the biggest day of my life. There were no rules for that day. All I know is that I loved it all. I turned away and every minute I loved it. “

Perry is a veteran “giver” (a fan who sneaks into the game without paying) and says he did the same. England Semifinal with Denmark a few days ago.

He said: “Obviously I didn’t have a ticket. I already knew how to get into the stadium because I was in as a giver before.”

Despite being initially stopped and abandoned on Sunday, shameless Perry simply took off his jumper and the distinctive £ 545 Louis Vuitton bucket hat and tried again.

This time he targeted another steward and gave him “a little backhander” in the Covid test results and match ticket area.

Later, Perry, a roofer in Sunbury Ontems, Surrey, was waving.

The final stage was a turnstile ticket gate — so he took out his wallet again. He states: “To enter, you need to go behind someone who already has a ticket.

“I gave them £ 100 and went behind them. It cost about £ 250 in total.”

After taking a walk around 6 pm, he bravely posed in front of a famous person to take pictures with others. Wembley Turf — Before continuing his huge 15-hour vendor.

He wore the same headgear he had seen before at Leicester Square when dangerous disgust spread.

When thousands of British fans drank and sang there around noon, he was filmed by inhaling a substance like cocaine through his nose.

A few minutes later, prompted by a crowd of drinking spectators, he lowered his pants and placed fiery fireworks between his buttocks.

You can see a tattoo on one cheek with the words “Benidome Bunters” on it. This is a reference to the stag weekend.

When a laughing fan filmed his reckless stunt, Perry said he had already been so destroyed that he didn’t feel the pain from the sizzling flare.He also claimed that he was only trying to cheer people up later COVID..

6 pm: Gate Crusher Perry poses blatantly before kickoffCredit: The Sun

Perry said: “I thought that after 18 months of misery, English fans would come together.

“It was the biggest day of British football for 55 years.

“Lester Square had thousands of fans and the atmosphere was great.

“Everyone was having an affair. There was a bit of competition to do something, so I was thinking of flaring my ass. With the exception of Champions League Chelsea vs Manchester, life It was the biggest day. ”

He continued. “The flare burned around my cheeks for about 10 seconds. I was so drunk that I didn’t feel anything. Nobody had the courage to do it for me.

“It was very irresponsible.” When the Wembley attack on Sunday, about 2,500 gate crushers caused confusion, trampled fans and left the father of English defender Harry Maguire suspected of having a rib fracture. I did.

Since then, FA has been charged with several charges by Uefa, This has begun investigating the turmoil and could adversely affect future World Cup bids.

But when asked by the sun if he apologized for his recklessness, Perry said: “No, no. I’m sorry.”

Asked what he said by the England national team who crashed with a penalty to Italy, he said: “The players on the team really worked.

“My friends and I were one of the best six weeks of my life. See you in Qatar.”

The FA was overwhelmed by a security blunder in the euro where a disabled access door was attacked by a thug. Fans making horrific payments also claimed that police couldn’t be seen anywhere, as violence erupted all over the ground.

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