Dennis Tissington, a 67-year-old, came to the limelight after being charged with mischief after a dispute over payment for concrete work. There have been many rumours about his death.

Dennis Tissington incident takes us back to 2016 where he got unnecessary attention over a rage video shared on the internet sports betting not on Gamstop.

The video contains vulgar language that some viewers find offensive, as the confrontation happened on the roadside over a minor issue. The police department of Grande Prairie RCMP confirmed charging 67 years old man Dennis Tissington.


Dennis Tissington dying in jail has had a widespread effect on the public after such a long time. However, there is no evidence on whether Dennis has died inside a prison is alive right now.

Furthermore, looking at the minor mischief charges, he wasn’t jailed for a long time. So, it’s hard to conclude his death without established evidence on his death right now.

Dennis allegedly attacked Damian Dallyn’s car in a landscaping dispute near his neighbourhood in Canada. Damian released the video on Youtube, making him famous for his anger.

He was then charged with criminal mischief after being reported to Mounties. Dallyn claimed that he stopped his car to have a ‘civil conversation about money with one of Tissington’s relatives.


Dennis Tissington was charged with mischief, and it was a minor charge. However, the incident was unintentionally popularized due to social media hits.

In the video, a man who identifies as Dennis Tissington walks over to Damian Dallyn’s parked car with a baton and taps on the window.

Dennis said that if he was in enough trouble already. The video continues with the minor conversation, and when Dallyn drives away, Tissington smashes two side windows before he goes away.

In a written post, Dallyn said he was there to have a “civil conversation” with the man’s stepson, Tyler Stojan.

Dallyn said Stojan took money for some concrete work that was not completed.

He also added that he stopped by to ask what he had done with said money and if he would fix anything.

But in a Facebook post, Stojan said Dallyn showed up twice on the day of the incident, demanding payment and making threats.

In contrast, Stojan said that his stepfather waited for police after the incident and cooperated fully and had been charged.


Details on Dennis Tissington wife has not been made public after the incident. Dennis was a 67-year-old man with a furious attitude, as all the comments on Youtube suggested.

However, there is a slight hint on his stepson Tyler Stojan which meant she had a second family.

The video post was widely shared along with the tag on a ‘man with baton’ on social media for a long time.

Moreover, the death of Dennis Tissington in jail might be a hoax looking at the lightness of the charges as mischief.

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